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84% would recommend it to a friend
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by ChloeF on 14 October 2018
Monster has an eclectic menu - tasty, unique and creative. The service was particularly impressive. The waiter was attentive, personable but not ‘in your face’!
by PhilB on 7 October 2018
Very nice food, exceptional ambience, excellent service. We had 2 x lamb shoulder, a specialty of the house, shared a lovely big fresh green salad, hand cut chips, and a glass of quality wine, all for around $50 pp. There was plenty of food to satisfy our hunger. The restaurant has an eclectic art collection and interesting decor, feels intimate and special, an extensive wine, beer and spirit list. highly recommended.
by AllanD on 7 October 2018
Great food and also amazing decor. A tasty fun experience. Well worth visiting.
by KellyM on 4 October 2018
We had a good night, the service was good while we were at the restaurant but disappeared altogether when we went to sit next to the fire and order dessert and a cocktail. Food was good, fried chicken was a tad dry and pork belly fattier than I have had before. The roast pumpkin was a standout. Weird menu, mostly breakfast dishes and the size of it made me feel like I was at Sizzler. We got espresso martinis and it was terrible - something went wrong there, so bad we couldn't finish it. I ordered strawberry shortcake for dessert and it was a warm mushed up mess that tasted like breakfast cereal. Warm cream was not great.
by Melbournefoodie on 4 October 2018
we were 8 for a wed nite work dinner - it had been recommended by one of my colleages who advised we must order the lamb - we were asked if we wanted to share & effectively 6 of us did the others due to food issues (vegan etc)chose not to - we were advised food would come out when ready but did not expect such a discordant level of food delivery on a mid week nite - we provided feedback that the lamb didnt have the pomegranate sauce = out of them was the response - i had the pork with kimchee -the kimchee was sooo overpowering - again i provided this feedback to our wait person but got no response or reaction - our sides came out before our mains & 1 person had finished their complete meal before another even started. i wouldnt come back with a large group & hopefully the service improves before i consider returning
by Tmac on 4 October 2018
Great service however the food was ok in comparison to some other Top restaurants in Canberra & for the $$ was not worth it.
by Mitch on 3 October 2018
The decor of this place is great, and some really nice flavours in the food. However, I'm vegetarian and the set menu for vegos was really underwhelming. For $70 I got some olives, toast with labneh, eggplant, roast carrot and a share dessert. Didn't come remotely close what the others were eating, in terms of quantity or variety. We also found it quite awkward in that often I wouldn't have any food while the others were eating, and I would get "share" type plates (like a bowl of olives) but just for me - which is pretty awkward. THe flavours and ambiance were great so I'm sure they could do better.
by Regina on 2 October 2018
The menu is unnecessarily complex and makes the assumption that the diner knows the words listed on the menu. Not too sure the type of clientele this restaurant is trying to attract. The people serving are the least bit attentive and have a no care attitude. Also $8 for a chicken wing is rip off. Definitely one restaurant I won't be recommending unless you are prepared to lift your game.
by FilippoCaccia on 30 September 2018
Great restaurant, food, cocktails and service. Nice ambient
by MatthewC on 30 September 2018
I keep trying to like this place, and it keeps disappointing me. The food is pretty good, it is just so hard to obtain, because the waiters are thin on the ground, uninterested, and unhelpful. Maybe open a buffet?
by terrim on 29 September 2018
Delicious food as always. Expensive wine but food good value (if you don’t choose the set menu...we had plenty of food for $40 pp (without wine), set menu is $70).
by Charley on 27 September 2018
Good atmosphere. Order amidst chaos. Parking a problem
by IanS on 25 September 2018
Very small portions and very expensive for what was served
by TG2039 on 22 September 2018
I was disappointed in Monster. The atmosphere was strange with large tables next to more intimate ones, arm chairs more reminiscent of high tea, odd music choices. The food was fine. Overall I expected more for a top billed restaurant in a hotel as nice as the Nishi .
by Steph on 14 September 2018
This is a great restaurant and bar. The food was fantastic-I recommend the steak tartare and pork belly with kimchi. Lovely ambience with the fireplace and the staff were friendly and accommodating of us.
by SusanL on 13 September 2018
Excellent kitchen with a variety of interesting well-cooked and presented Middle East based share plates. Yum
by MarkC on 3 September 2018
A good alround dining experience. Friendly and helpful staff and good ambience. We ordered the set menu for a table of six. Lovely food but on the small side.
by OpenTable Diner on 2 September 2018
While the overall experience was reasonable, and the staff were friendly, our first round of coffees were cold and came out in dribs and drabs. The breakfasts were tasty and fresh but again some of the breakfasts were only like warm. There was not enough staff to tend to the Father’s Day diners needs. Unfortunately not a place I would recommend to others.
by AngieC on 1 September 2018
The menu offered lots of tasty variety . Our selection was so tasty and perfectly portioned to share amongst three.
by MargaretP on 27 August 2018
My friends and I had an amazing night at the Monster Kitchen. We love it when the chef is happy to make the choices for us so we can sit back and enjoy each other’s company while enjoying the wonderful flavours of each dish
by PeterH on 25 August 2018
Great variety on food. Wait staff knew the menu. Maybe fewer tables near bar as we had people standing at or near table when waiting to pay bill/be served.
by BradR on 25 August 2018
Very expensive give quality and quantity of food per plate. Very very small portions for each 32-35 dollar plate. We were advised we needed to purchase 1.5 share plates per diner. Coffee very weak. Very poor quality beans with no crema. Waiting staff got the desert order wrong. One dish was inedible due to too much blood sausage being included but we were not charged of it.
by JenG on 21 August 2018
Our table of 5 had never been to Monster before. We found the sharing plates quite expensive so we ordered 4 between 5 of us. Unforrunately despite the food being delicious the serving sizes were quite small and left us asking for bread. The service was quite good and surrounds very pleasant especially with the fireplace setting.
by LucaB on 20 August 2018
Excellence all round, the food was truly outstanding.
by MichaelH on 19 August 2018
We were very happy with the service and quality of the food. Our only quibble is that the price of the wines is exorbitant compared with other restaurants we’ve eaten at.
by BenH on 18 August 2018
This restaurant has fantastic food and great service. We were very happy with our experience and highly recommend.
by SimonW on 18 August 2018
Overall, I enjoyed my meal. The wait staff were attentive (to us, not the food). Most of the food was inventive. The range of drinks on offer was impressive. Our two bar snack, the gin cured ocean trout and beef tartare were alright, but not overly impressive. The two shared dished were much better, the slow cooked lamb shoulder and eggplant dish. The lamb was melt-in-your mouth and very tasty. The eggplant dish was freaky, in that the bonito shavings were still moving well after the dish was put on the table. There were two minor issues with the eggplant dish. The first was that it was quite acidic. The second was that it came out soon after the bar snacks, which was well before the lamb dish.
by EllenK on 17 August 2018
Great food! I like the pickled sardines and split pea puree. Good service.
by Claire on 12 August 2018
Monster is fine. Really nice vibe, especially by the fire. The food is good but it's a shame the menu has stayed largely the same over the years. Service always lets this place down though. We were served by 4 different people in half an hour, all quite dismissively. Would come here more often if the service improved.
by JayDA on 12 August 2018
Food was tasty but pretty stingy for the price you pay. Received service as soon as we sat down, however waited 20mins for our coffee to be bought out. Water was not topped up or replaced during the meal, we had to ask. Breakfast menu not as exciting as it used to be, perhaps this is due to a change in owners.
by LindsayA on 3 August 2018
Really enjoyed the atmosphere. The food was amazing. Wines very good but a bit on the expensive side with not any cheaper options.
by OpenTable Diner on 2 August 2018
Reunion. Monster’s food quality has been consistently top notch since its opening but the service has been inconsistent with a high turnover of waiting staff, but tonight we had excellent service!
by LornaC on 29 July 2018
Unfortunately trying to be so "cool", "funky", and hippster has given way to a functional and comfortable space which is enjoyable to spend time in. The restaurant within the Hotel is difficult to locate without asking staff, signage is nonexsistant or so subtle that it may as well be and overall the place is difficult to navigate, the service too affected and if you are over 50 and a female you are pretty much invisible. This is my third visit, two of which were as an inhouse guest. i was determined to give the Hotel and the restaurant a good go and the benefit of the doubt. All have been terrible. i wont be back and certainly wont be recommending it.
by FranS on 28 July 2018
The food was lovely and the menu different to a lot of places. Wine was ok but amount per glass was stingy for a per glass serving
by JudyA on 25 July 2018
Always enjoy it. I wonder whether the staff can provide updates on the menu - new dishes. Is there a plan for the menu to get a refresh?
by BazK on 23 July 2018
I dined-in on a Monday night with my date and we had a beautiful bottle of Beaujolais Villages with our snapper, grilled flank and cauliflower. Scrumptious food with decadent ambience. The waitress who was look in after our table was very attentive and helpful. Thank you for a beautiful night. Will definitely return and highly recommend. *Have visited multiple times but never wrote a proper review.
by MarkB on 22 July 2018
I'd first like to suggest that OpenTable is the most clumsy online booking service I've ever encountered in a restaurant. I can't imagine why Hotel Hotel would engage with this service. The guys behind the bar worked hard and were also clearly genetically gifted, while also being friendly and aimed to please. Similarly, all female wait staff were helpful, efficient and obliging. Unfortunately, our experience wasn't so with the waiter who 'greeted' us and showed us to our table. There appeared to be a mistake with my online booking (not my mistake), but his demeanour clearly indicated he believed it was. This is simply poor service, because I can't recall being greeted so badly in a restaurant. I suggest this issue requires further attention and training by management. However the food was delicious and we enjoyed every mouthful of our shared plates.
by AlanaH on 22 July 2018
The service is almost non existent, we waited ages to be met at the front area where is says to wait to be seated. We had a table booked to find that someone else had been seated there, then shown to a table for two and we had a table of 4 booked, we were then taken to the last table at the back. We then had to beg someone to take our coffee order and after about 20 minutes of waiting the coffees finally arrived-cold and wrong order. We also ordered the fresh orange juice only to be told that at 9am on a Sunday morning they had already been busy and had no oranges left :-(. Again we had to try flagging a waiter down with no success so had to get up and find one, even had to chase them. This annoyed us and we soon realised that we were not the only table doing the same things to grab someones attention. After a long wait our $25 scrambled eggs were cold and tasteless, when we told the waiter when paying our bill we were informed that we should write to the GM to complain as the staff do and no management listens to them. We won't be back, which is a shame because it has so much potential to be good with not a lot of effort. On our way out there were other couples waiting to be seated and had been there for over 10 min with not one staff member acknowledging them. We went across the road for a second cup of coffee.
by TanyaH on 21 July 2018
The food was amazing - standouts were the desserts! Will keep coming back to try new things (and maybe those desserts if they’re still on the menu!)
by EmmaC on 20 July 2018
Always a pleasure dining here! Food is great and the staff are wonderful. Thanks monster
by Sydneydiner on 20 July 2018
Food was memorably , almost comically terrible and expensive.
by KMTM on 14 July 2018
Pricey but creative & delicious and great open-plan atmosphere for adults and children if you ask for a family friendly corner of the restaurant. Children’s menu needs a couple more options. My husband has developed a “treasure hunt” activity for the kids which works well at Monster. All fish dishes are yum!
by JuliaO on 14 July 2018
We ordered share plates for four - 2 vegetable dishes and two meat dishes, as well as 2 desserts to share. While the food was good, the portion sizes were too small for four people, with little more than a spoonful each, which also made us feel we did not get good value for money. In addition, we advised dietary requirements for one of us, well in advance of the booking, but this was ignored/not noticed
by Courtney on 13 July 2018
Was really looking forward to going here as had been recommended by a friend for my trip from Sydney to Canberra. However was sat in the middle of two joining diamond shaped tables which was a completely awkward way to sit and very uncomfortable. Asked to be moved to a table where I could actually face my guest. Cocktails took about 20 min to come. Food was amazing but staggered poorly. Wine order was forgotten had to reorder. Didn’t boher ordering anymore dishes or drinks as it all took too long. Over all amazing food completely let down by unfunctional furniture and poor service.
by SuiwahL on 11 July 2018
Kitchen had a gas leak. Only bar menu ( cold food) available. Manager did come to apologise but restaurant should offer some discount or additional sweetener to compensate for the poor menu and service.
by MelissaK on 7 July 2018
The food was divine, the slow cooked lamb was a stand out. The restaurant was vibey and busy. The portions were quite small fine dining style we had to order second servings of our favourite dishes in order to feel satisfied. Our waiter Leigh was outstanding, friendly, funny a great personality and well versed in the menu, he really lifted our dining experience from good to excellent!
by HelenW on 7 July 2018
A great breakfast find. Highly recommend the taramasalata poached eggs - superb!! Went back the next day!! The fit out is high quality & stylish!!
by IvanH on 30 June 2018
Food is exquisite. It was a very unique dining experience. My best meal in Canberra.
by Sangela on 23 June 2018
Really must it? I find the above question ridiculous!
by TamaraL on 23 June 2018
Food is always great. Service has improved a lot since new management.
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